Jenny Baker-Strasburg’s Favorite Things

The co-founder of JAM Productions CO shares her must-haves

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Wife, mom and co-founder of JAM Productions CO, a fashion-based production and events firm—shares her favorite things.

1. FAVORITE VENUE  The Mission Ballroom state-of-the-art concert venue is very near and dear to our family, because my husband and his company AEG Presents conceptualized and built this RiNo music hall. I’ve seen many fabulous shows at The Mission—the most memorable being The Lumineers and Orville Peck.

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2. FAVORITE ACCESSORY  Wipeys Jetpack. This recently launched, Denver-based brand offers nontoxic wipes for every need—hands, screens, faces and surfaces. A must-have for these times. $22;

3. COLORADO RESTAURANT  The Israeli cuisine at Safta is delicious and comforting. My favorite dish is the Persian Rice, which is crunchy on the bottom and topped with dried cherries and sunflower seeds. I could eat it every day.

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4. BAG  The Celine Phantom Tote is my go-to bag because it’s lightweight and holds everything, including my laptop. Mine is royal blue with a bright-orange lining. It was a gift from my husband, so it’s extra-special to me. $1,950; Max Clothing Store, Denver, Boulder and Aspen;

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5. COLORADO RETAIL STORE  Made in a City at Zeppelin Station and Eyes Open at The Source Hotel. They’re really unique, and they rotate the collections through different cities. Mathieu Mudie curates the collections of jewelry, art, clothing and more for both shops.,

6. WORKOUT VENUE  I started working out at Hot Mamas Exercise after my son was born, and I’ve been a regular for the past 10 years. The owner, Teddi Bryant, is an inspiring leader who offers a diverse range of fun and challenging classes.

7. SUNGLASSES  The Monroe by Krewe are feminine, timeless cat-eye sunglasses made by hand in New Orleans. From $255; at Lawrence Covell, Denver;

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8. FURNITURE STORE  You never know what you are going to find at Modern Nomad, from imported rugs and home décor to vintage furniture and everything else in between. There are so many treasures here!

9. COLORADO ARTIST  I’m fascinated by Bill Nelson’s work. There are so many elements that make up each piece, each with a provocative back story. A recurring theme in Bill’s artwork is the exploration of how unusual material combinations can harmonize in compelling, uncharted ways, both visually as well as spiritually.

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10. CLOTHING DESIGNER  I adore Raquel Allegra for everyday wear. It can be dressed up or down easily and is super comfortable. Dries Van Noten is my favorite designer for dressier occasions and special events. Max Clothing Stores, Denver, Boulder and Aspen; 

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