Jenna Stapleton's Favorite Things

The executive director of the Harmes C. Fishback Foundation shares her must-haves

Jenna Stapleton, executive director of the Harmes C. Fishback Foundation, plus CEO of the Stapleton home (1 husband, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 lizard and a fish named Bumblebee) shares her favorite things right now. 

RESTAURANT  I’m cuckoo for Birdcall’s Asian chicken salad and the buffalo-chicken sandwich. I have suggested to owners Jean-Philippe Failyau and Peter Newlin that they create a Birdcall food truck called the Cluck Truck and park it in my driveway. So far, this hasn’t happened. 

CANDY SHOP Every other week, I pick up chocolates from Enstrom Candies Cherry Creek and bring them to my husband Walker’s 99-year-old grandmother. She loves the milk-chocolate truffles. I buy myself a handful of the individually wrapped, famous mini almond toffees and some salted caramels, too! Everything is eaten within five minutes.

HOME GOODS Dory Pratt, owner of Homebody Denver, travels all over the world to find the most unique, beautiful and useful items. Every one of my bathrooms now has Homebody’s Granado Pharmàcias Brazilian liquid soap and lotion. I just bought a bunch of French pillows I saw there for my patio. Their elevated Japanese glass-bead friendship bracelets are gifts you actually want to receive.

TENNIS GEAR With seriously convenient locations for all things tennis, Game-Set-Match is where I get my tennis sneakers, high-altitude balls and my rackets restrung. They also carry my favorite tennis-clothing brand: Miami’s Lucky In Love.

PIERCING SHOP Currently, I have nine ear piercings and am contemplating a 10th. I always get my ears pierced at Iris Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery. They are professional and have a great selection of lobe gems.

CONSIGNMENT STORE The Little Bird in Aspen has some great consignment pieces that will become your closet’s treasures. I still wear a pair of rubber-soled Gucci pumps I bought there eight years ago. Recently, I purchased two gently worn casual designer blouses, and when my mom is in town, we love to shop together there. We often fight over who gets what. 

CAKE SHOP Our family has been getting our cakes at Mulberries Cake Shop for years. Just last week, I had custom tiger and soccer-ball cupcakes made for my daughter Coco’s Pink Tigers soccer team. They were just as cute as they were delicious. Mulberries has me dreaming of buttercream. 

JEWELER Hyde Park Jewelers in Cherry Creek is my favorite place to purchase earrings, from small studs to large hoops. I recently bought a pair of skull earrings that I wear every day in honor of my Halloween b-day.

BEAUTY PRODUCTS The beauty brainchild of former NYC beauty-exec Kathryn Murray Dickinson, Aillea Denver is where to shop for clean beauty products—no toxic chemicals, no animal testing. I love the Organic Bath Co. Citrus Lemongrass body butter. And let’s face it: I’m a tired mom—that’s why I use Aillea’s Honest Hazel Eye Gels!

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