How to Mix the Old With the New

Antiques have a story to tell, and they effortlessly and unassumingly add so much warmth and love to a home. Their one-of-a-kindness lends a sense of heritage, history, comfort, and well-worn authenticity to our daily lives.

Whether contemporary, modern, traditional, or rustic, sprinkling storied pieces into your home’s interiors can add a deeper layer of meaning and interest to an already beautiful style. They can bring to mind happy memories and imagined tales of past uses and owners, and they gladly welcome us to add our own stories and memories to the mix.

Create an engaging, unexpected aesthetic with these 4 tips for mixing the old with the new.


There is a seemingly endless amount of antique décor that could potentially add life to your home design—but don’t pick just anything. Peruse antique shops and décor magazines to get a sense of styles and eras that speak to you. Perhaps you’re drawn to weathered wood, French provincial furniture, or antique glass décor pieces. Find what fits your personality, and then run with it! 


…to mixing textures, tones, and patterns. Here, rustic paint on the doors contrast the more refined lines of the upholstered chair. Natural tones of the wall, the paint, and the urn with the bright green fern make the space surprisingly lively and fresh.


Instead of trying to sort through a collection of possibilities, choose one statement piece and make it the focal point of the room. Position an antique buffet along the exposed brick in your dining room, or hang a vintage framed print over your fireplace—begging guests to inquire about its origin.



Don’t underestimate the power of small details! Sprinkling antiques into your home design pulls everything together. Or, if your style leans toward the minimal and modern end of the spectrum, find a few small yet deliberate spaces for fun storied items. For example, you could arrange antique bookends—crafted from aged wooden shoe molds—on a sleek, clean-lined bookshelf. Or you could display a bowl of mixed old skeleton keys on your living room coffee table, adding a touch of history to the mix.

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