How to Liven Up Your Outdated Living Room

Your living room should tell your life story; it should represent who you are, where you’ve traveled, and the people who are important in your life. Don’t fill up a space in your home until you love what you are putting there. When it’s time to update your living room, follow these five tips for the best results.

1. Preserve the tradition of the past, but infuse it with contemporary innovation.
Classic silhouettes provide a sense of comfort and nostalgia; then mix in with the new transitional to provide an updated touch.

2. Incorporate global influences. These types of pieces easily translate into beautiful, eclectic style and décor. Textiles with handcrafted aesthetic, as well as tribal patterns with color diversity­—including reds, greens and blues—are warm and inviting.

3. Never forget that quality comes first. The ultimate design space is assembled and layered patiently, with both pattern and texture creating an unexpected, sophisticated common thread. Collect pieces over the years and you will feel as though you have been all over the world. Add a little ethnic charm and whimsy.

4. Think about the things that have meaning to you. Build your room around the items you treasure. See what the world has to offer in longstanding techniques while still expressing your belief in emerging trends.

5. Break the rules. You don’t have to change everything. Keep good memories alive; hold on to the items you have a good connection with, as they will always give you comfort.


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