How to Give Your Garage a Makeover

All too often, the garage becomes the dumping ground for all of the items that do not have a place in the home. Then there are the tools, sports equipment, yard and garden supplies, and cars that typically live in the space. Use these tips below to whip your garage into shape as the warmer weather sets in.

1. If space allows, pull everything out of the garage and give the floor a good scrub. Commit to having an epoxy floor installed to help you get rid of the winter muck! This will create a nice clean canvas to start your organizational journey.

2. Place items in categories to create “zones” in the garage. For example: yard equipment, tools, decorations, home improvement (paint, spackle, light bulbs, etc.), folding tables and chairs.

3. Assess all items and dispose of anything that is damaged or no longer functioning. Be ruthless in this—do you really need that college tennis racquet?

Now that items are sorted into categories, here are tips to store common items:

Use a bicycle lift to utilize the vertical space in the garage and to keep the floor clear of clutter. The pulley system makes it easy to lower the bicycles when needed. If these pulleys do not work in your space, there are many other bike racking systems for garages. 

Sliding baskets are a great way to corral different types of sports equipment such as basketballs and baseball gloves. Designate a basket (or bin) for either each sport or each type of equipment (balls, gloves, etc.) or create sports lockers for each child or spouse.

Odd-shaped items such as baseball bats are hard to corral. Create a space by placing a vertical board at the front of an open cabinet; this will contain these items and still allow easy access.

If you have someone in your house who loves to work with their hands, create a designated workbench space in the garage. This will also keep messy projects out of the home. Slatwall above the workbench allows tools to be right at your fingertips. Use a variety of hooks and arrange tools by type.

Slatwall is also a great way to get items up off of the floor. There are hooks and racks available for almost everything under the sun, so don’t be afraid to use slatwall to store bikes, large yard and garden tools, hoses, sports equipment, and even scooters.

Create a mudroom space in the garage to keep muddy shoes out of the house. A mudroom can be as simple as a bench, hooks for jackets and shelves, or storage for coats, scarves and gloves. The most important elements are the bench to remove shoes and a place to store them.

Decluttering your garage may seem like a daunting task, but consider the fact that a clean and organized garage not only brings your vehicles out of the elements, but it allows adults and children alike to access sports equipment, yard and garden tools, holiday decorations and entertainment items such as folding tables, chairs and linens. Happy organizing!

Polly Lestikow is the president of Closet Factory in Denver, Colorado, which has been creating completely personalized and unique storage solutions for clients for 25 years. View their profile or contact Polly at 303-690-6901.

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