How to Don Monochromatic Fashion at Home

Comfort required; shoes optional

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The Outfit

I live exclusively in loungewear these days, as I’m sure most of you are. That’s why I’m loving this all-white fit from Fabletics. It’s super soft and this set was sustainably-made from plastics– which is always a bonus in my book. I’ve also been big into glasses since I’ve been staring at a computer more than usual and frankly, I just can’t be bothered to wear contacts when I’m not leaving my home. 

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Similarly with my hair care routine (or lack thereof), I’ve been loving to use dry shampoo from Living Proof because it smells fantastic and I add a little bit of texture spray from Paul Mitchell. 

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The Thinking 

Although currently sold out, this look is mildly easy to emulate. With a neutral like white or black, it’s easy to find separates such as the crewneck or cinched sweatpants to easily match one another even if they don’t come together as a set. The monochromatic color scheme adds a touch of chicness that feels more put together than mismatched hues (but, hey, no judgement if that’s the style you’ve been rockin’ at home). 

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My colleague and pal, Digital Editor Kasey Harvey, introduced me to EyeBuyDirect almost two years ago when I noticed her ultra-cool translucent Bluelight glasses. She wears them around the office to protect her eyes from staring at a computer monitor. 

I, myself, have horrible vision (and my optometrist never lets me forget it). Prescription glasses with Bluelight isn’t always the cheapest option if you want to change up your eyewear more frequently. That’s why I ordered these pairs (including these Golden Glasses) from Kasey’s recommended site, which come in fun styles at an affordable price for those of us who bore easily. 

Also, here’s a special cameo appearance from my dog, Bodhi. 


Let’s Shop 

Cinched white crewneck (similar to mine) – Amazon 

White sweatpants (similar to mine) – Amazon 

Square Golden Glasses  – EyeBuyDirect

Texture Spray – Paul Mitchell

Dry Shampoo – Living Proof

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