Home Technology Solutions: Automated Window Shades

Don't overlook technology to provide convenient and beautiful window covering solutions for your home.

Energy efficiency, ease of use, light filtration and aesthetics are important factors to consider when choosing the optimal window covering. Take those options, infuse technology and you’ve got a whole new solution: automated window shades.   

Available in motorized and battery-operated options, many homeowners are upgrading their window coverings to take advantage of the many benefits automated shades offer.

Hard-to-reach windows: Shades are now controlled by a touch of a button and can be programmed to open and close to bring in more light or block the blinding early morning or late afternoon sun.

Security and privacy: A huge benefit for those who work long hours or travel frequently is the ability program shades to open at specific times to give the perception that someone is home.

Energy efficiency: Colorado’s rapidly changing weather is no match for automated shades; they can block summer heat or add a layer of insulation to a chilly room. Shades can also be programmed to work with light switches and thermostats to create an ideal climate for each room of your home.

Just as home technology has advanced, so have window coverings. If you’re seeking to modernize your home not only functionally but also aesthetically, automated window shades may just be the solution you’ve been searching for.


Jared Layton is the principal and founder of The Denver Shade Company, which designs and installs automated window shades with an emphasis on design-centered home technology.  Contact him at (303) 517-1994. 


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