Hallelujah for the Hearth

We've collected a feast of interpretations for our Kitchen issue plus a few goodies I'm loving right now

We love putting together this issue, because we believe the kitchen is such a heart-full spot in the home. So many meals and memories are made here. That’s why we’ve collected a feast of interpretations. On these pages, we offer 20 kitchen variations, including two home cooks sharing their specially designed spaces. Plus, an exclusive treat from The Kitchen bistro founders Hugo Matheson and Kimbal Musk, as well as their wives, Becci and Christiana, who allowed us into their Boulder kitchens. Major thanks to all!

Also in this issue, tons of colorful, kitchen-related goods. (Seriously, who wouldn’t want a cool red toaster that screams TOAST?!) As a longtime fan of Suzanne Kasler, I am thrilled she was gracious enough to take a break during her vacation to talk design and kitchens with CH&L Senior Writer Michelle Johnson. Finally, I must thank the MVP of our kitchen: my husband, Scott, who creates something great on the stove every single night.

Here’s to breaking bread in a heart-filled kitchen!

What I'm Loving

Greatness doubled. We are so lucky to have WallTawk founder and wallpaper maven Batya Stepelman in our midst. Ditto for wonderful Colorado artist Meredith Feniak. These two talented gals have put their heads together to create The Denver Damask wallpaper, below. Available this fall at walltawk.com.

As the cleaner in our house, I’m a big fan of Kei & Molly Textiles’ hand-printed skinny sponges, $6. They come in multiple designs and colors, dry fast, and don’t get stinky. Clean them in the dishwasher or washing machine. Mine are a year old and still going strong! keiandmolly.com

A well-set table. I was divinely lucky to be Kathryn Ireland’s guest for her Designer Bootcamp in France’s Midi-Pyrénées this summer. Our tables were always covered in a mixed combo of her fabrics, a creative display of cuttings from the garden and lots of candles at night. Inside or out, the mood was elegant but relaxed. As a result, everyone sat at the table talking for hours. Guests notice effort—it makes them feel special and eager to stick around. Whether it’s dinner for two or 10, put some love into the table and bask in the result. For Ireland’s next boot camp, visit kathrynireland.com.

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