Half Baked Harvest’s Vanilla Wreath Cookies

Colorado-based food blogger Tieghan Gerard presents these simple-to-make, divine-to-eat holiday treats


“These Vanilla Wreath Cookies are the simplest holiday cookie,” Tieghan says. “Lightly sweetened, buttery shortbread, with hints of warming winter spices and generously finished with a sweet vanilla glaze. Decorate with sugared rosemary and your favorite holiday candies for a festive cookie ‘wreath.’ So easy to make, so pretty, so especially delicious. Surely the coziest winter cookies to bake—or include in your holiday cookie boxes.

“Start with the cookie dough. It’s a mix of butter, sugar, brown sugar (for a taste of molasses) and plenty of vanilla extract. Cream everything together until light and fluffy; then add the flour and spices. I wanted these cookies to have warm undertones and plenty of flavors, so I spiced them up with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom.

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“Roll out dough, and then cut into circles with the centers cut out. I also made a few snowflakes to add a bit of variation. “I kept the vanilla glaze simple, because I didn’t want the flavor in the cookies to get lost. I’m no professional cookie decorator, so I decorate with restraint. Enter my sugared rosemary ‘greens’ for a true wreath look.

“Sugared rosemary is especially great in cocktails, but this is the first time I’ve used it in a dessert—and it won’t be the last. I was nervous about the flavor the rosemary would give off onto the cookie. But the sweetness from its sugar takes away that intense rosemary flavor and instead gives off just subtle hints. It’s delicious and so cute atop these cookies. And the best part…it’s so easy to make. Simply dampen the fresh rosemary with water; then cover in sugar, and let air dry.

“To finish, I used small peppermint candies to add a pop of color. Elegant and kind of fancy, but easy and completely delicious.”

Find recipe details on halfbakedharvest.com.

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