Get the Look: A Child’s Dreamy Bedroom

Bright, airy, organized, and inviting, this space gets all eight of these fun design elements right.

There is nothing more magical than creating your child’s dream bedroom—a fun sanctuary where their imagination and sense of play can truly thrive. In this kid’s space—bright, airy, organized, and inviting—eight fun design elements come together to create the bedroom of his or her dreams.

1. Wallpaper

Fun wallpaper brings color and personality to the room. Whether you choose a kid-friendly theme or a pattern that can grow with your child, stick to a soothing palette and select one wall to feature the print. 

2. Organic elements

Bring an organic element to the room with framed prints of greenery or flowers. Use neutral frames to compliment the serene color palette. 

3. Organization

A well-planned closet introduces the concept of organization at a young age, giving your child the opportunity to learn good habits from the start. Use a combination of rods, shelves, and baskets to give your child different options.

4. Closet doors

Closet doors can make a small space feel even more cramped; opt for curtains to create a more open feel while still having the option to cover the clutter.

5. Reading nook

Encourage your little reader by creating a cozy nook with a brightly colored chair and sleek table, perfect for snuggling up with a good book.

6.  Rug

If your child's room has hardwood floors, use a rug to break up the space and add warmth. Tie the color and pattern into your wallpaper for a cohesive design.

7. Pouf

Add texture and whimsy to the room with a fun pouf chair. This element can be in a neutral tone but also is a great opportunity to add an extra pop of color.

8. Lighting

A unique lighting feature not only brightens up the room but also draws the eye upward, making even the smallest of rooms feel larger and more open.

Here’s to the bedroom of your child’s dreams!

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