Get Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate family and reconnect with those you love. But all too often, our schedules quickly become jam-packed with event-planning chaos.

Planning and organizing in the fall will relieve the stress and pressure that the holidays bring. Make it your goal to sail into the holiday season with everything planned and ready. All you’ll have to do is don your holiday duds and enjoy! Here are our 13 go-to home and life organization tips.


1. Take time to separate out and evaluate clothing that is appropriate for holiday events. Include garments, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Set out a table or rolling rack to get a full picture of the items you have and discard any items that were not used last year, as they will probably not be worn again. Be ruthless!

2. Check remaining items to see if any garments need to be dry cleaned or altered. Check the condition of all shoes and handbags and repair any damage. As Colorado winters are harsh, make sure all shoe soles can stand up to icy conditions. Many cobblers are able to re-sole shoes with thicker, textured material to allow your best party shoes to carry you from car to party.


3. Contact family members, friends and colleagues to begin planning holiday events and get them on the calendar now.

4. Start organizing for events that you are hosting—menus, linens and invitations.

5. Make it a goal to get out holidays cards or newsletters by Thanksgiving. You’ll be surprised at how many personal notes you receive from friends in their holiday letters.

6. Plan time for rest and relaxation if you have a hectic holiday schedule. Put this time on your schedule and plan around it; your body and your mind will thank you!

7. Watch what you eat and drink—both can affect your holiday fitness and sleep goals, making an already hectic time more stressful.


8. Plan you holiday menus and make lists for ingredients in advance. Consider events you are attending where you are contributing a dish as well as any that will take place in your home. Purchase non-perishable items now so your grocery runs will be shorter and lighter as the events arrive on your schedule.

9. Peruse your baking recipes now so you don’t have to bake in December. Most items can be made and frozen weeks ahead of time, allowing family time to be a priority. Just be sure to hide the goodies from any hungry hands!


10. Get Christmas and Hanukkah lists early!

11. Organize your shopping by location—the mall, REI, toy store, etc.

12. Schedule time to do online shopping. Avoid low-energy times, as you will purchase unnecessary items!

13. Assess your wrapping materials and purchase them before you schedule your wrapping time. Or, re-supply right after the holidays when everything is on sale!

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