Get Organized This Spring With NEAT Method Denver

'Tis the season for reorganizing, repurposing and redesigning interior spaces
Neat Pantry Brass

Photo by Martin Vecchio provided by Allo Perry

For those struggling to embrace the cleaning season, NEAT Method Denver services organization projects throughout the state. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles sat down with Allo Piller, owner of the NEAT Method Denver franchise, to learn more about the business. 

What’s your process after someone inquires about your services?

AP: It starts with an online inquiry. After that comes through, we seek further information via virtual or in-person consultation. Once we get an idea of the space and scope of the project, we will send over a proposal. From there, the contract is signed, and we get the client scheduled. Then, our organizers show up to organize and implement new systems. We always work in teams of at least two. Labeling is always the last step!

Neat Closet

Photo by Martin Vecchio provided by Allo Perry

What kind of education are you offering the client?

AP: Typically, any system we set up looks pretty but is also functional. We make it so the client can maintain the same level of organization, which involves educating them on the system.

How much can a client customize their project?

AP: We provide options in materials and colors for clients so that we can tailor the space to individual wants. Some people might want to decant their cereal after every grocery store run, while others don’t. We’re learning the ways different clients use their space to function and adapting that in their organization.

Neat Kitchen Spices

Photo by Martin Vecchio provided by Allo Perry

Tell us more about the products you supply.

AP: We use about 90% NEAT Method products in any installation, which includes bins and storage containers. We’ve been in the business for a long time, and they’re unmatched. NEAT Method opts for beautiful products that are sustainable and long-lasting instead of typical plastic storage. 

Do you have a favorite space to organize?

AP: I love a good pantry. You really reap the benefits of it multiple times a day!

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