French Wine in the Neighborhood

Step into the French and American inspired wine bar La Bouche at their Uptown location

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La Bouche Wine Bar, the new Uptown destination, is the product of Alex and Alexis Tréton getting bored in France. Suffice it to say that that’s not a sentence frequently said. However, in search of a new challenge, the couple picked up their jobs and left their homeland to start new in Denver.

We sat down with Owner and Managing Director Alexis to chat more about the makings of La Bouche.

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Why settle down in Denver?

For over twenty years, Alex has had fond memories of Denver from several trips visiting friends. Despite my skepticism around moving, I was sold after the kindness I experienced interacting with locals. And with a space in the food industry for a French and American style wine bar, it was a no brainer to take the leap.

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How did you decide on the name?

The French word la bouche means the mouth in English, a nod to the organ behind the wine bar’s success. You eat, drink and taste wine with the mouth. At the locale, in-person communication is encouraged, hence the lack of TVs on the walls and a no phone suggestion. With a venue centered around conversation and wine, the romantic name came naturally.

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What inspired the design of the interiors?

The inspiration for the interior is, of course, rooted deeply in French design. Alex’s brother, an interior designer, created 3 concepts to select from, each with minimalist colors and a mix between modern and French brasserie. Ultimately settling on a staple black and white with gold finishings, Xan Creative, the space branding team behind Ace Eat Serve and Denver Biscuit Co., made the design theory into a stunning reality.

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What recommendations do you have for the menu?

The newest wine on the menu— Clos du Midi, Brézé/Saumur, a nice dry Chenin Blanc is perfectly paired with the ever popular goat cheese.


La Bouche Wine Bar

1100 E 17th Ave

Denver, CO 80218

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