Do This (Not That!) With Your Living Room Decor

The living room: It should be the most warm and inviting room of the house. It’s where you bring loved ones and guests to sip on drinks, nosh on snacks, play party games, and partake in good conversation. It’s where you read books with your children or grandchildren, or cuddle up to your significant other or furry friend (or both!) to watch a movie after a long day.

What it shouldn’t be is just the room where the sofa is. It’s surprising how often living rooms fall flat and lack any sense of character or an invitation to truly unwind.

With these three tips (as well as mistakes to avoid), you’re bound to assemble the most welcoming room in your home—and ensure it gets used well and often.

DO THIS: Make sure to layer colors, textures, and mediums. If you have a leather sectional, then find an oversized chair in a complementary fabric or print. Add faux fur and patterned throw pillows. A beautiful rug will ground the setting and add warmth. Silk plants will bring the outdoors in. Choose artwork with a variety of color and subject matter to add interest.

NOT THAT: The last thing you want is for your living room to look like a monochromatic, boring setting with no color. So often people overdose on one color palette or one material—think of the current gray trend and how easily it can go wrong. You might think this is interesting today, but this trend may be short-lived.

DO THIS: Seriously consider your lifestyle when choosing your living room furniture. Do you have children or pets? Then perhaps a light fabric isn’t the best choice; instead, choose something more durable. A fabric that has texture and color won’t show soil as easily. You might also consider a stain-resistant performance fabric or durable leather; all are great choices for an active family. Also take note: Is this a room where you read and watch television? A great coffee table can work as a dual-purpose piece—it will act as a footrest and also work as a table for playing games or serving appetizers.

NOT THAT: Don’t go creating a “catalogue” living area—a room that looks great on paper but doesn’t fit your personal, day-to-day lifestyle. If you do, you’ll end up avoiding the space, or worse—running around making sure the kids don’t eat near the sofa. What good is that?

DO THIS: Have a “hero” or even multiple heroes in the room—statement pieces that grab your attention and add visual interest. Why not add a gallery or artwork, an interesting chandelier, a bookcase filled with attractive artifacts, or all of the above?

NOT THAT: So many people make the mistake of putting a stop to their budget before accessorizing a space. Without these dollops of personality, your living room can be cavernous and lull your guests to sleep—and not when you want them to! The key is to make your house your home so that it represents who you are.

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