Do This (Not That!) With Your Dining Room Design

Are you making these mistakes with what should be the room where your entertaining magic happens?

Ah, the dining room: It’s the favorite spot of every party host’s abode. It’s a warm and welcoming nook where friends and family gather to eat, drink, and be merry. It’s where family game nights and 1,000-piece puzzles come to life, where loved ones celebrate milestones with champagne toasts, and where mouth-watering recipes are presented and enjoyed. As Ruth Reichl said, “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious”—and your dining room decor should be, too.

What it shouldn’t be is just the room where the dining table is. It’s surprising how often dining rooms fall flat and lack any sense of character or invitation to truly partake. Often these spaces sit like a museum, untouched and unused. But if you’re someone who loves entertaining and wants their dining room to reflect the art of the dinner party, then read on.

With these three tips (as well as mistakes to avoid), you’re bound to assemble the most scrumptious room in your home—and ensure it gets used well and often.

DO THIS: Choose an appropriately sized dining table that fits the space, whether it’s an open layout or a room enclosed by four walls. The key is to keep in mind your favorite dinner party guests (say, 6 to 12 people total) and then choose a table that can accommodate this group while still maintaining enough space to easily move chairs and maneuver around the table.

NOT THAT: Don’t choose the largest table that can fit into your dining space without taking into account other furniture that more traditionally is positioned against walls—China hutches, sideboards, large mirrors, etc. Map out all the furniture that fits your particular entertainment style and then choose a table that fits this blueprint accordingly. That last thing you want is for guests to feel cramped and boxed in.

DO THIS: Add a rug to the mix. Not only does a rug underscore the placement and importance of your dining table, but it also is where your style and personality can shine. Choose a rug design that feels representative of the ambiance (and memories!) you aim to create.

NOT THAT: Don’t leave your dining chairs to sit on hardwood or carpet without the texture and visual interest a rug adds to a room. You also do not want to skimp on your rug choice—it should be large enough to allow the chairs to be moved in and out on top of the rug with ease.

DO THIS: Invest in some dynamite lighting. Whether it’s industrial-style pendant lights or a classic chandelier, a prominent light fixture can transform a good dining setup into an unforgettable scene.

NOT THAT: Don’t forget about mood lighting, though. Nothing dampens dinner-party conversation quite like stark, unforgiving lighting. Make sure you have dimmers for this area of your home. When in doubt, add candle lighting for that harvest-table magical glow.

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