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3 tips to get your dining room ready for intimate gatherings this season
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These are unusual times. With many restaurants closed for much of this year, our dining rooms have seen a lot more action than ever before. Perhaps the best reprieve from everything going on in the world is an intimate gathering with family and friends (socially-distanced, of course) over a home-cooked meal. But is your dining room ready? 

An integral component of family life, the dining table sets the stage for bringing your loved ones together—especially as we approach the holiday season. Now is the time to make your dining space warm, cozy, inviting and comfortable. Your dining room should be an expression of your tastejust like the food you serve on it.

Here are three tips to get your dining room ready for intimate gatherings this season.

1. Select the Perfect Dining Room Table and Chairs

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When choosing a table and chair set, imagine spending time with family and friends with a great bottle of wine or doing a puzzle with the kids. The ideal dining table should meet your family’s needs—from the number of people it can accommodate to the material it is constructed from. 

Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes. Whether picking a table with exquisite woods, or one of the new trends—free-form or iron and glass—it is important to find a dining table (or create a custom table) that complements your decor style. 

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Personalize your dining chairs with classic contemporary style and exceptional seating comfort, add a comfortable bench, or mix and match leather and fabric chairs—the choices are endless. While comfort is key, an inviting display of seating around a fully set dining table makes a lasting impression on your guests.

2. Elevate the Decor

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Decorate your dining room with relaxed finishes, natural textures and elegant details to create a modern yet comfortable and casual feel. Consider acquiring a new rug, artwork or lighting fixture to up the ante.

A beautiful rug will define the space and add color and texture. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the chairs when they are pulled out. Incorporate accessories that you love and build the furnishings and decor of your dining room using these for inspiration.

There is nothing like a grand chandelier or striking light fixture to romanticize the space and add sophistication to your dining room. In addition to the visual impact, the intensity of the lighting also plays a key role in setting the right ambiance—so find a balance between too bright and too dim. 

3. Make it Personal

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Create an atmosphere that reflects your personality. Bring the world into your home by adding elements from your travels—which not only adds a personal touch, but can also serve as a conversation starter. 

Whether it’s a traditional painting or a modern masterpiece, create a focal point with a work of art that expresses your design style. Adding framed photos of friends and family to the setting can also make the space feel more warm and personal. 

Look at the world around you, as well. Nature provides so many options that can certainly find their home in your own dining room. Don’t be afraid of color either. Next time the sun sets, look out over the Rocky Mountains and imagine how you could use those dramatic oranges, yellows  and purples in your dining room. 

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Now is a great time to make those changes you have always wanted to elevate your dining space—and ensure that it is ready to host your family and friends this season.


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