Design the Home You Love

The founders of Havenly have a new book filled with practical styling advice
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Traditional interior design often brings to mind fancy estates and expensive renovations, and as a result, most of us think an expertly designed home is out of reach. Until now.

Lee Mayer and Emily Motayed founded Havenly, an online interior design company, to offer professional design advice uniquely tailored to your distinct space, style, and, most important, real-life budget.

In their new book, Design the Home You Love, Lee and Emily unpack all the styling fundamentals you need to create a personal and inspired home designed for actually living.

They share tried-and-true designer tips to create a home you love living in—from taking stock of your existing space to discovering your personal style and ultimately arranging furniture and decor like a seasoned pro.

Featuring fresh ideas, livable inspiration, and eye-catching photography from real clients, Design the Home You Love guides you room by room as you learn how to unlock your home’s full potential.

Design the Home You Love:
Practical Styling Advice to Make the Most of Your Space
On sale May 4, 2021
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