Deck the Halls With Organization

Making the holidays a bit brighter this season through organization

Holiday Wrapping

While we all enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the gift wrapping, cleanup and work that comes along with it can sometimes be a bit chaotic. Incorporating a wrapping station within your home will give your space a new purpose and save you much needed time. Give yourself the gift of a stress-free holiday season with the following organizational tips.

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Seamless gift wrapping is all about consolidation. You may have your wrapping paper in one room, rolls of tape in a kitchen drawer, scissors scattered here and there, you get the idea. Instead, consolidating and organizing your materials in one place will not only make your life easier, it will save you time so you can enjoy the many other holiday events.

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First, start by identifying an area of unused space. It could be a small niche, a guest room, the laundry room or the basement. If you’re getting help from a designer, talk through creating a cabinet that stores everything you need. Add slatwall to hang tools and dedicated baskets for ornaments, ribbon and other miscellaneous things. Now, your paper, ribbon and bows are all within an arm’s reach. A divided drawer holds tape, scissors and cards, you are in an organizational haven. Labeling designated compartments will also enhance the new workspace. 

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Another gift wrapping tip is to save extra paper bags throughout the year and use them for wrapping paper. Paint the bag by hand, add some twine, ribbon or even add your own special touch by sprucing up your present up with dried fruit or herbs. Score major points for minimalist creativity and for staying green throughout the holidays. 

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Aside from gift wrapping, your new space can also be used for storing all of your holiday decorations. Taking down each decoration throughout your home can be a hassle, however, when each item has a designated place it makes putting away decor much easier. When next year comes around, you will know exactly where to find all of your favorite trinkets. 

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