Create a Design Focal Point in Your Home

Center your space around one distinctive element to take your design to the next level

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Interior design is all about putting together functional, visually appealing living spaces and one important aspect of the process is creating a focal point in each room. A focal point serves to draw the eye and add visual interest to a space and can be achieved through the use of furniture, artwork, lighting and accessories.

Choose a striking piece of furniture as your focal point

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Furniture can serve as a focal point by virtue of its size, shape, color, or unique design. A large piece of furniture, such as a sideboard or console table, can be the main attraction in a room and can be even more eye-catching in a bold color or a unique design that stands out from the rest of the room’s decor. A stunning leather piece, such as a  sumptuous tufted sofa or rich accent chair with nailhead trim, can become the star of the show.

Artwork personalizes a space and adds color and interest

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Artwork is another great way to create a focal point in a room. A beautiful painting, stunning sculpture, or meaningful photograph can bring a room to life. To make artwork the center of attention, be sure to display it in a prominent location such as above an anchor piece of furniture or on a feature wall, and make sure it’s appropriately sized in proportion to the space.

Lighting can elevate your design to new heights

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Lighting be used to highlight and draw attention to specific areas of a room. For example, a statement light fixture can be hung above a coffee table to make it the focal point of a living room. Accent lighting, such as wall sconces or table lamps, can also be used to draw attention to artwork or other decorative elements in a room.

Accessories serve as the piece de resistance of a room

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Finally, accessories can add pizzazz to a space by introducing color, texture, and pattern. For instance, a collection of brightly colored vases on a bookshelf can serve as a focal point, while a textured throw pillow on a sofa can add visual interest.

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When creating a focal point in a room using furniture, artwork, lighting or accessories, it is important to consider your space’s overall style and choose items that complement the space. A minimalist room with a monochromatic color scheme may benefit from a graphic piece of artwork, sleek, modern lighting fixtures and minimal accessories. A traditional room may be better served by a classic piece of furniture, such as a weathered leather armchair or antique armoire. And a room with a bohemian style may benefit from bold, colorful accessories and eclectic lighting fixtures.

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Creating a focal point in your interior designs serves many purposes. It gives a room purpose, anchors the space, and provides a distinct, sometimes dramatic, statement that reflects the homeowner’s taste and personality. By adding a focal point in the form of a lovely piece of furniture, eye-catching piece of art, purposeful lighting or well-thought-out accessories, you can create a visually appealing and functional living space that is sure to impress.

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