Coldwell Banker Gift Subscription Program


Say thanks. Stay in touch. Give a gift!


There's no better way to show your appreciation for and interest in your clients than to give a gift subscription to Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.  Gift subscriptions reinforce your good taste in home design and keeps on giving all year round!

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles makes it easy and affordable for Coldwell Banker agents:

Discounted subscription rates: $8/one-year subscription or $13/2 year subscription– that's 50% off our regular rate!

Gift acknowledgement: each issue's mailing label includes acknowledgement of your gift, such as "Gift from: Chris Jones".  You have up to 30 characters for your message.

List confidentiality: Your customer list is kept confidential and is not used for any other purpose.  In addition, you'll have the option to renew current subscriptions each year.

List template help: Use our subscription gift order form for easy compilation of your customers' names and addresses.

No limits!  Purchase as many subscriptions as you like, there are no restrictions on how many you may buy!

3 easy ways to order:


Comments from agents:

"Thank you!  What a wonderful gift to share with our clients!" – Patti J.

"Thanks– I'll continue to have many happy clients!" – Melva V.

"Thank you for all you do for us at Coldwell Banker." – Wade P.

Want to know more about Colorado Homes & Lifestyles?  Check out our video: