At ZERO Market, Every Day is Earth Day

This local market helps make sustainability attainable
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Photography by Stanley Marketplace

Embarking on a lifestyle pledge to reduce waste by using sustainable products seems like a lofty, intimidating goal. “Like every lifestyle switch,” says Lyndsey Gantert, ZERO Market owner/operator, “taking the transition slowly is key to starting and maintaining manageable change. A zero-waste lifestyle is a journey.”

ZERO Market is a small, one-stop-shop for many everyday needs. Don’t let the small space fool you—they carry over 1200 products in the sustainable boutique. Customers can purchase items that are vegan, organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic to leave a much smaller carbon footprint while reducing costs. The market also carries a variety of reusable containers that, once empty, can be refilled saving the cost and waste of purchasing products in plastic containers.

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Gantert points out that “natural and clean” product lines are often geared toward a certain demographic at a higher price point.  “Pure products should be affordable and customized to your needs and lifestyle,” she says. At ZERO Market, you purchase exactly what you want. The “recipe” is noted on your receipt, and you can return for the same customized formula when you come in to refill any container.

Natural skincare prices range from above average to jaw-droppingly expensive depending on where they’re purchased. At ZERO Market, staff can mix a custom skincare formula just for you.  “Customers are purchasing 100 percent natural products, clean of toxins and additives, for exactly what the ingredients cost,” Gantert explains. “Not only are they personalized, but they save a measurable amount of money over department store skincare lines.” The same extends to teas, specialty cooking oils, household cleaning products, and personal hygiene items.

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Providing customer education is a cornerstone at ZERO market. “Our entire intent is to make the zero-waste lifestyle sustainable and affordable for everyone.”

Gantert is always happy to share some of her favorite products with visitors to the market. “Right now, I’m loving the Swedish dishcloths. One dishcloth is washable, reusable, and compostable at the end of its lifespan and replaces the need for 17 rolls of paper towels.” Another of Gantert’s favorites is their bamboo dryer ball, taking the place of dryer sheets—the most toxic product in American homes. “You just toss the ball into your dryer which helps protect clean laundry from static. To add a lovely scent, essential oil can be applied to the ball. You can basically customize each load,” she says.

ZERO Market is located inside the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO and is a perfect fit for their “Stanifesto” explaining the sustainability ethos of the Marketplace.

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