Artistic Clothing That Lasts

Artist Susanne Ducker designs comfortable, functional, durable clothing for kids and women
Foxlilie 2020 0122

Photo by Julia Vandenoever

Artist Susanne Ducker’s profound love for Mother Earth frames her worldview and the way she does business.

Her reverence began with a backpacking trip at age 19 through Wyoming’s Wood River Range and deepened with family trips to Steamboat Springs, time spent in Bozeman and Santa Fe, and now Lyons, where she lives with her husband, Jon, and son, Eli.

“I try to incorporate my love of the environment into my art, whether that’s through the actual piece or by doing things in a sustainable way.”

Born and raised in Maryland, Ducker earned a fine arts degree in printmaking at Denison University and a graduate degree in graphic arts from Maryland Institute of Art.

Her whimsical children’s clothing line, Foxlilie Studio, features original prints (currently foxes and triangles) that are silk-screened by hand onto sustainable, comfortable fabrics. And recently, time spent in less-than-fashionable “quarantine uniforms’’ inspired Ducker to expand her line to include women’s clothing, most notably her cropped overalls.

“I wanted to create something stylish and comfortable that works at home and out in the world.”

Ducker is deeply aware that too much clothing ends up in landfills (an astounding 84 percent, to be exact).

“We’re throwing away too much, and we have to be smarter about what we buy,“ she says. “My hope is to design comfortable, functional, durable clothing for kids [and women] to play in that can be passed down for generations.”

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