Art is in Her Soul

Chelsea Hart is a muralist and abstract artist
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Photo by Eleanor Williamson

Art swirls through Chelsea Hart’s childhood memories: hours spent every day after school, creating with anything she could get her hands on; summer art fairs with her mom; gift sets of art supplies every holiday; and being in love with art class in high school. “I’ve always been an artist,” Hart says. “It’s who I am; it’s in my soul.”

The effervescent Cincinnati native earned a B.A. in visual arts from Western Kentucky University, where the art instruction was topnotch but offered little practical advice about how to make a living as an artist. A string of odd jobs and a six-year tech-company stint later, she took a leap into full-time artwork.

Hart’s acrylic abstracts are splashed with vibrant colors, flowing shapes and a heavy dose of joy. She uses every color of the rainbow and paints what makes her happy. She paints everything—murals, garages, canvases—anything to spread the light.

The five-year Colorado resident and her husband live in a charming colonial in West Highlands. There, she spends her days with office assistant Mooshy (their sweet, 4-monthold Swiss Mountain Dog), producing and experimenting. “I find joy and positivity where I can,” she says. “And I love connecting with people who want to bring that into their home.”

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