April Showers (and Baths)

The Editor's Letter from the 2018 Bath Issue

A plush towel, an old mirror that whispers of history, a stunning work of art and a daily soak. Simple, yes, but massive on the pleasure scale. My tub has a shelf within easy reach that always houses candles and matches but also offers room for the occasional gin and tonic. At times I go for a Zen quiet, but more often I instruct my Google Home device to come up with a Louis Armstrong mix. The combination of music and water massages my psyche into a blissful state of calm.

Every day, our time in the bath presents the opportunity to breathe and momentarily let go of the day's stressors. The design options for these ablution stations are as varied as our personalities, whether frilly or earthy or art-museum chic. In The White Album from The Bath Issue 2018, you’ll find a selection of statewide examples from Colorado architects and designers. 

Our market editor Eliza Karlson has collected a fabulous roundup of bath products, from tile to toilet-paper holders. I also highly recommend a gander at some of the wonderful and varied global specimens of the water closet represented in Take a Bath, a recent book from Gestalten.

Finally, enjoy two lovely house features: A Fateful Family Home in Golden, that’s just right for the young (and growing) Coys; and the other, A Home That Embraces the Gray, a continuous celebration of Robert and Bonnie Amter and their well-lived years together—27 and counting! 

Wishing you happiness and a warm bath.

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