An Eagle Eatery to Rival the Rest of Vail Valley

The Assembly restaurant features a globally focused, vegetable-heavy menu

Highpoints The Assembly Room Copy

Eagle, Colorado, might not be known as a cutting-edge culinary destination, but The Assembly is here to prove that theory otherwise. Owners Jaimie and Caleb Mackey have hired a top-notch team to rival any restaurant in the surrounding Vail Valley, with a globally focused, vegetable-heavy menu using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

The Mackeys, who have backgrounds in small business entrepreneurship and hospitality, opened the restaurant in August 2020 to create a gathering space for their beloved community. “We wanted people to assemble and connect with others to build relationships,” explains Jaimie. The interior is bright and airy, with 54 seats and 20 more on the patio. Together with chef Brandon Utley hailing from Vail’s Sweet Basil, the team has created a contemporary, eclectic dining experience with a constantly rotating menu. “Being in Eagle, there’s not a lot of opportunity to enjoy global cuisines, so we felt like this was a chance to bring new flavors to our community and expand their horizons,” adds Jaimie. Reservations strongly encouraged.

1143 Capitol St., #104, Eagle

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