Abby Jacobs’ Joy-Filled Art

Meet the illustrator, surface pattern designer, and artist
Beboulderphotography Abbyj 10

Photography by Eleanor Williamson

Hydrangeas, peonies, forget-me-nots—you name the flower and Abby Jacobs is obsessed with it. Which is a good thing, because she paints them pretty much all the time, creating art for everything from journal covers and custom wallpaper to Barnes & Noble day planners, Trader Joe’s greeting cards, and a just-commissioned fabric collection for an unnamed big-box retailer.

And she does it all freehand in acrylic and gouache. “Make a mistake in pencil, there’s an eraser. But freehand, you must embrace the spontaneity and just go with it, and I love that feeling,” Jacobs says.

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Jacobs, who was born in Denver and grew up in California and Missouri, has been creating art for as long as she can remember. The Boulder mother of two earned a master’s in Transpersonal Art Therapy from Boulder’s Naropa University in 2001, working full-time until 10 years ago when starting a family inspired her to take the leap and start AbbyJac Designs.

Her minimalist, light-filled, above-the-garage studio was designed by Surround Architecture. A cherished painting by her grandfather is propped in a corner.

Each week, Jacobs sends new work to her Midwest-based agent, who specializes in representing surface pattern artists. Jacobs loves what she does, so every morning, armed with her favorite tiny-tipped Princeton Select 20/0 brush, she eagerly faces a blank white sheet, puts paint on her palette, and begins. “I truly believe people buy your joy!”

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