A Tart-Yet-Sweet Margarita

Combat the stay-at-home with this refreshing margarita recipe from Comida

Comida Baby Maker

Stanley Marketplace’s Comida started off in a hot pink food truck named Tina in 2010. Now one of the 50+ residences in the ever-popular Stapleton market hall, the cantina dishes out what owner Rayme Rossello calls “Mexican soul food” which includes jalapeño grits, griddled soft corn tacos with cheeses and classic chips and guacamole combo (with vibrant watermelon radishes available upon request for dipping).  

But, beyond the small plates and street tacos there’s a fully loaded bar with freshly-squeezed juices and top shelf liquors. Of the 21 different alcoholic concoctions, the “Baby Maker” is one of the most popular, with tartness of the lime combated with the refreshing sweet-yet-spicy strawberry and jalapeño shrub. 

Try it for yourself with this one-of-a-kind recipe. 

Comida’s Baby Maker Margarita:

  •         1.5 oz. Suerte Blanco
  •         .5 oz. Strawberry Jalapeño Shrub from Nostrom
  •         1 oz. Lime juice
  •         1 oz. Aperol
  •         Tajin rim (you can get Tajin at any well-stocked grocery store)


Shake in shaker and strain; serve on the rocks. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Pro tip: Make it spicy by infusing your tequila! Add a jalapeño or two to a bottle of tequila, let it infuse for a day or two and see how you like it. Great for adding a kick to any margarita.


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