A Hint of Mint

Color expert Dee Schlotter of Pittsburgh Paints shares good news: this quiet, softened version of green provides calm in a fast-paced world

"We are all so busy, trying to see how much we can get done in a day,” says Dee Schlotter, National Color and Marketing Director for Pittsburgh Paints, “and this color honors everything that’s natural. It’s a restorative color that brings nature indoors.”  Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing this soft, minty hue everywhere, from the runway to household appliances.  

Schlotter says that these “grayed-down” greens work well with other natural colors, such as the orangy-brown tones of hardwood floors and  well-worn copper. “Really, anything that looks like it’s been sitting outside, weathered by the elements or faded by the sun, blends beautifully with these shades of green.”  Prefer a more modern look?  The gray undertones, Schlotter adds, make the hue extremely versatile. “Pairing the color with a creamy white, such as Cream Puff, changes the look to modern and minimalist. It also complements darker, more dramatic grays like graphite.”   

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