A Gift for You, A Gift for Me

What do some of Colorado’s favorite design pros and notable residents—plus the staff at CH&L—want to give and get this holiday season? Read on to discover what’s on everyone’s wish list—beautiful artwork, kitchen goodies, irresistible knick knacks and more.

Hilary Masell Oswald, CH&L, Editor in Chief

Wrapping up: “I discovered these little morsels of fabulousness from Telluride Truffle when I was visiting this summer. Let’s just say that I’m a bit of an expert, after years of dedicated chocolate-eating, and these truffles are the best I’ve ever had.” “Seventh Heaven,” $25, telluridetruffle.com.


Wishing for: “After chocolate, art is one of my favorite splurges. (I’m hoping Santa agrees.) I’m captivated by Karen Swyler’s ceramics. Her forms feel intimate and seductive, but in the most subtle way.” “Nest,” $700, plinthgallery.com.

Emily Minton Redfield, Photographer

Wrapping up: “These antique Ethiopian German Silver Coptic Crosses are not only beautiful works of art that could be centerpieces in any home, but they also speak to me because of the various cultures they bring together—Greek, African, Egyptian and Roman.” $374.25, wisteria.com.


Wishing for: “Even though I’m a professional photographer, my kids won’t cooperate with me anymore: it’s the-cobbler’s-kids-have-no-shoes syndrome. So I’d love to receive a black-and-white photo session with Cheryl Jacobs Photography. Cheryl’s compositions are so beautifully crafted and her subjects look so natural in her lifestyle settings. Maybe I’ll even get to be in a shot with my family for a change!” Sessions start at $350, cheryljacobsphotography.com.

Hugh Grant, Director, Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

Wrapping up: “Artist Jeffrey Woods created these glasses exclusively for the Kirkland Museum. Each is individually hand-etched, painted and signed by Woods. Transferring a Kirkland dot painting onto this glassware was highly successful. Woods’ choice of colors, like Kirkland’s in his paintings, frosted on clear glass gave us stunning pieces.” $16-19, kirklandmuseum.org.

Wishing for: “Knoll’s Saarinen tables are marvelous because they come in so many sizes, shapes and materials. Knoll’s consistency of quality over many decades remains very impressive.” $537, knoll.com.

Mike Albert, Landscape Architect, Design Workshop

Wrapping up: “I came across the work of artist Margeaux last summer as she photographed turn-of-the-century apothecary bottles and printed them large-scale on glass. Her latest exploration of American waterways captures the movement and reflectivity of water—a conversation piece for any room.” San Antonio III, $5,200-7,000,

Wishing for: “During the winter months, I always seem to have a house full of hungry guests. On an early morning powder day, there is nothing better than a batch of pancakes topped with any of the addicting toppings from Kitchen Collage in Basalt. Anyone who knows me would tell you I never turn down great food.” $6.99-15.99, kitchencollage.com.

Caroline Eberly, CH&L, Senior Editor

Wrapping up: “I love Leah Duncan’s vintage-whimsical prints, and I think one or three of them would make the perfect little gift of art for a friend. Each piece is unique, but all of the prints go well together, so you could even curate a little gallery to give.” $20-28, tomtecraft.com.

Wishing for: “Some of our interior designer friends in Telluride recently introduced me to all the lovely things by Madeline Weinrib. And wow. Her gorgeous fabric prints make up pillows, chairs and rugs, but I’ll take this Saffron Luce Ikat Evening Bag—a fun and unusual application for an ikat.” $450, madelineweinrib.com.

Emily Kaiser, CH&L, Advertising Art Production Manager

Wrapping up: “I’d give My Last Supper by Melanie Dunea to one of my best foodie friends so we could debate our ideal last meals and have a last-meal-cooking marathon.” $39.95, tatteredcover.com.

Wishing for: “I would destroy the Colorado snow in Anthropologie’s Upwards Boots and still look good.” $358, anthropologie.com. 

Elaine St. Louis, CH&L, Art Director

Wrapping up: “This amazing and sculptural Jeffersonian Rain Gauge from Birdsall & Co. would not only make a swell design element in any garden, it would help save water in our arid climate by accurately gauging precipitation.” $234.95, birdsallgarden.com.

Wishing for: “A lovely tonal patterned Kilim like this one from Shaver-Ramsey would be just right for my dining room. Not only would it pull many elements together in the space, but with the nice, heathered wool yarns, it wouldn’t show those random dropped crumbs as much!” $1,565, shaver-ramsey.com.

Alex Seidel, Chef/Owner, Fruition Restaurant

Wrapping up: “I received one of these Chopping Blocks directly from John Boos & Co. as a congratulations . I love it. It is made of beautiful wood that is durable, thick and lifelong-lasting. I immediately began to use it in my restaurant and now it’s the most sought-after cutting board among all my cooks.” $108.95, surlatable.com.

Wishing for: “We carry Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin at the restaurant, and I love its flavor. It is locally made [in Denver], which makes it even easier to support.” $33, leopoldbros.com.

Megan Small, CH&L, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Wrapping up: “I would give this Screen Printed Bicycle Glassware by Vital because it reminds me of a relaxing summer evening, and I would recommend serving Fat Tire beer to go along with the fun bicycle theme.” $20 for two, vitalhome.etsy.com.

Wishing for: “I love this rugged, yet elegant Duke Beardsley painting because it adds a true Colorado feel to any room.” $18,000, visionswestgallery.com.

Nancy Brown, CH&L, Advertising Account Executive

Wrapping up: “I love flowers for their exquisite beauty, fragrance and the smile that warms my face each time I look at them—truly God’s hand at work here—so I’d love to give fresh flowers every month from The Twisted Tulip.” Arrangements start at $40; delivery, $12.95, thetwistedtulip.com.

Wishing for: “I love this Trollbeads Keepsake Bracelet because every bead tells a story. I could add beads to remember special times in my life and be reminded of those wonderful memories every time I wear the bracelet.” Starter bracelet, $300; additional beads, $26 and up; trollbeadsus.com.

Frank Bonanno, Chef/Restaurant Owner

Wrapping up: “The Flu Prevention Treatment at Izba Spa is like the ‘anti-spa’ gift, because there are no fancy flip flops, plush towels or scented candles here—this massage is all about temperature extremes. You and a partner get coated with seaweed, beaten with eucalyptus in a sweltering steam room, drenched in ice cold water and massaged with honey. There’s nothing like the way your body feels when you eat the cool, cool orange slices afterwards.” $110, izbaspa.com.

Wishing for: “My wife doesn’t care for stinky cheeses, so I love the excuse of Christmas to receive a giant basket of ripe, melty, pungent cheeses from The Truffle Cheese Shop. Last year’s basket was so strong I had to keep it on the front porch.” $30-350, denvertruffle.com.

Natalie Rekstad-Lynn, Founder, Salon du Musée

Wrapping up: “Drinking 2008 Waters Winery Interlude poured from a decanter by Jan Barboglio, which is inspired by the romantic history of Mexico, transports me to a time and place where friends honor each other with feasts and festivity.” $30, waterswinery.com; $150-250, neimanmarcus.com.

Wishing for: “The Charlotta Twig Frame by Jay Strongwater reminds me of the delicacy of French artisan works, yet the twig motif gives it an earthy feel.” $795, neimanmarcus.com.

Nicole Jones, CH&L, Advertising Account Executive

Wrapping up: “These GurglePots, which come in large and small sizes and all different colors, are a fun way to dress up a table with drinking water or wine, or add an unusual accessory for making mimosas on a Sunday afternoon.” $40, blueskiesboulder.com.

Wishing for: “We live in a 1922 bungalow that is typical of Denver: no storage! This Steamer Bar Cabinet from Crate & Barrel is actually very compact since the top of it unfolds to create a mixing station and the inside is deep enough to hold quite a bit.” $999, crateandbarrel.com.

Heather Weldon, CH&L, Advertising Account Executive

Wrapping up: “Scandia Down has taken the conventional bathrobe and gone ultra luxurious with its namesake robe. It’s the same idea as a Snuggie, but not available via infomercial. I can just imagine a friend curled up in a big overstuffed chair with a cup of tea and the newspaper on a cold winter’s morning.” $250, scandiadown.com.

Wishing for: “I love artist Shaun Horne’s work…probably because I love Crested Butte so much.” $1,900-5,700, ohbejoyfulgallery.com.

Jennifer Williams, CH&L, Publisher

Wrapping up: “Who doesn’t want a luxurious blanket to wrap up in on a cold winter night? This cashmere blanket by Loro Piana is something you’d rarely buy for yourself, but it’s always great to have—and a perfect accent for a room.” Starting at $1,700, loropiana.com.

Wishing for: “Jim C. Brown’s art is unique and elegant—and a perfect addition to my newly redesigned bedroom. I think the use of plaster to create the varying hues of color in his pieces is fascinating.” $850,


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