A Conversation with ROI Solar Solutions

CH&L: Clients come to you for…
ROI Solar Solutions: Hassle-free solar solutions. We provide all the information and details about the cost of owning a solar electric system without any obligation. Every homeowner can now build their own solar system and get a firm estimate right from their home at ROISolarSolutions.com.

CH&L: You’re passionate about…
ROI: Revealing how easy it is for every homeowner to quickly learn about the benefits of owning a solar system. The Return On Investment will average 500% for Colorado solar system owners in the Xcel territory throughout the warranted life cycle of the system.  Spreading this information to the public is what we love to do.

CH&L: Every home must have…
ROI: A solar electric system. The truth is there are financial and environmental benefits to owning a solar system, and many people don’t understand the impact electricity-generating power plants have on global warming. They are the primary source of air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Going solar gives homeowners a monumental opportunity to help address this defining issue and, at the same time, earn money from their investment in renewable energy.

CH&L: What’s your advice for people considering a solar system for their home?
ROI: Act now. The Xcel solar rebate covers as much as 25% of the total system cost and won’t last for long. This rebate is expected to decrease or end by the end of 2012. Combining the Xcel and federal incentives available, you can reduce the cost of a system by 55% when working with ROI Solar Solutions. To visualize a solar system on your property, visit our website, ROIsolarsolutions.com, and view the dozens of systems we offer in our photo gallery.

CH&L: How do you simplify the process of outfitting a home with solar panels?
ROI: ROI Solar Solutions simplifies the process by offering all the information and tools for homeowners to make an informed decision on their own time. We enable homeowners to build their own solar system in our Project Estimator spreadsheet, which then provides information about the incentives and financial rewards of the system they chose. We provide all the details, including the amount of space your system will require. When working with us, your system can be installed and commissioned from start to finish within 30 days of contacting us.

Every other solar installer in Colorado requires multiple in-person sales meetings to explain their system costs and details.

Tell us about one of the latest trends you’re seeing in the solar industry.
ROI: Incredible innovation in how the solar system can be incorporated into your property. If the notion of having a solar system on top of your house has prevented you from making the investment, then forget about the roof. Our designers can work with your property specifications and desires. We can design and build solar patios, carports, storage sheds, gazebos and pergolas. These designs can be offered with ClearBack panels that allow 15% filtered light to penetrate through the solar panel for a beautiful design that enhances your property rather than creating an eyesore.

CH&L: The most inspiring thing you’ve seen lately is…
ROI: The way the Colorado economy continues to grow every year from the solar industry. There are more than 6,000 solar industry jobs in Colorado compared to fewer than 2,000 in 2007. Though only one in 212 homes in Colorado has a solar system, many electrical contractors are turning to solar installations to keep their business going. Competition in the local solar industry is healthy, creating opportunities for every Colorado homeowner to afford a solar system.

Only a few years ago, the average installation cost of a mid-sized solar system (5,200 watts) was $44,000 and would require nine-12 years to pay for itself. Today, ROI Solar Solutions can offer the same system for $21,000. This includes all design work, permitting, labor and materials. The estimated payback date for this system is four to five years in the Xcel utility territory and the estimated earnings potential is more than $76,000 during the warranted life cycle of the system. Now that is truly inspiring.

To learn more about ROI Solar Solutions visit: roisolarsolutions.com