A Closer Look: The Uniqueness of Antler Art

Showcasing exquisite antler designs, crafted and personalized by true artists
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The Peak Antler Company showcases exquisite art through antler designs. From decor to furniture, to show-stopping chandeliers, The Peak Antler Company highlights the beauty of each antler within every design. Using only naturally shed antlers, every piece of art is distinctly unique. We enjoy our originality and take pride in knowing our products are never exact matches, even if we follow similar design patterns. It is the antlers that keep our artistic creation flowing. 

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Many of our designs come from our clients. They present us with ideas and we apply our artistic skill, which truly brings the idea to life. As our products are high in demand, most of our designs come from client descriptions, sketches and photos. However, when we find time for creative play, we get to expand on our repertoire and produce some of our most unique pieces. When constructing alpine chic or mountain modern design, I try to shift out of the traditional mindset and ask myself, “how do the lines flow?” or “what movement can I get from these antlers?” The movement in a fixture truly defines its place in the home.

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Our quality is all in the symmetry–finding balance in the whole with irregular parts, is almost a metaphor for life itself. Truly taking care of each intricate detail is what allows our work to become something as special as a family heirloom placed in your home. We pride ourselves in not being a manufacturer, but rather artists. Not one piece of art is ever in stock, we always build each piece to order specific to the individual customer. Today I am working on a piece for Paula, tomorrow I have plans to work on a piece for Megan, and so on. It makes our job much more special in that way, as we always want to do good by personalizing our products rather than producing a multitude of pieces for whoever it may be. It is a very personal thing to build a piece of art for someone. Knowing they have a name, a family, and a home, knowing that your art will soon become a unique piece of their life. 

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Jeff Musgrave is the owner and lead artist for The Peak Antler Company. For over 25 years, Jeff has been creating distinctive lighting, decor and antler furniture for mountain homes. View their profile or contact Jeff at 719.641.8844.

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