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Kitchen Distributors - Bill Livingston

CH&L: Clients come to you for…
Bill Livingston: Design inspiration and my expertise in designing rooms harmonious with my clients’ lifestyle needs and personalities.  For many of my clients, this is their first time to be involved in a kitchen and bath design process.  As a Certified Kitchen Designer for Kitchen Distributors, I take time to listen, learn about my clients, share ideas and work together to develop a space that is reflective of them.  I believe the more I guide them throughout this process the more passionate they become about the decisions being made.

CH&L: Your design philosophy is…
BL: The most important part of my design philosophy is that any space I help create must be about the person living in it.  I only believe in collaborative design and have always felt the results I obtain with this philosophy are designs that leave people feeling heard, involved and appreciated.

CH&L: Your style is influenced by…
BL: I am certain my grandmother had a great influence on my style.  Starting at an early age, I would spend several weeks at my grandmother’s house every summer. She had a large room filled with supplies, and always encouraged me and allowed me to explore my creativity.  My grandmother was an artist and she studied at the same university I would attend years later.  She was a painter, potter and jewelry maker and I have several of her pieces displayed around my home. Every time I see one of them, I can hear her talking to me about design, balance and color. 

CH&L: The most inspiring thing you’ve seen lately is…
BL: With my love for the arts, I am excited to see the completion of the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center, designed by Semple Brown.  If you have a chance to drive by, take a look at the punctured-steel façade.  It is nice to see a contemporary building making an appearance in a relatively Victorian scene.

CH&L: Every home must have…
BL: Places where everyone can come together, engage in conversation, refuel and find comfort in just being at HOME!  I believe this place is the kitchen. The kitchen has become so much more than just a place for us to prepare a meal and nourish ourselves. The kitchen is now the essence of the home, a hub for all activities. Now more than ever, this part of the home needs to include multiple functions.  Aside from the typical tasks, this space needs to nurture and encourage functions like entertaining family and guests, activity planning, family meetings, playing games, arts and crafts, and homework.

CH&L: Share with us one of you go-to design resources…
BL: I like to review design periodicals. Here I can gather ideas from all parts of the world to areas closer to home in local or regional publications. Regardless of the publication, I constantly find a wide variety of interior design and architecture along with inspiration for new materials, local artists and regional finds. I like to save photos and articles of inspiration and categorize them in a large notebook and use as a future design inspiration resource.

CH&L: Tell us about one of the latest trends you are seeing…
BL: Responsibility! We have all become more concerned about our impact on the environment and are looking for ways we can make a difference. Just a few of the ways we can be more conscientious include using recycled materials, selecting appliances that consume less energy and water, and using LED lighting wherever we can. I think we will continue to see a trend toward less consumption, which in turn will only continue to make the materials and products we use in our homes better and better.

To learn more about Kitchen Distributors visit kitchendistributors.com.

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