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Simplicity that still excites for the winter


Basic and then something 

As we venture into colder weather, it’s an important reminder that winter isn’t everyone’s favorite haute couture season– and I get it. The season usually pulls in imagery of clunky boots, unflattering silhouettes and puffer coats (although, oversized-puffer coats have seen a resurgence in the last few fashion cycles). 

But, I’m here to tell you that winter is a creative challenge for layering your chic. This outfit, shot while grabbing coffee in Downtown Littleton, proves my point– camel-toned trench, pure black sweater, tweed-like skater skirt, knee-high boots and a gray designer beanie. 


Take the tried and true, then sexy it up

Basics are exactly that: basic. While not always as fun as shopping for on-trend items like feathers, puffed sleeves or bright hues, having them as a wardrobe foundation is essential in curating the ultimate diverse closet. 

True creativity shines through when you’re able to pair perceived ‘boring’ items with a bit of the unexpected. Some of my best outfits have come from black sweaters, white tees or plain jeans, when combined with more funky elements in my closet. There is beauty in the balancing act. 

In this outfit, the unique elements came through the pompom beanie, as well as over-the-knee black boots to compliment the simplicity of the other pieces. For snowier weather, I recommend adding a pair of patterned tights (I’m loving these Gucci logo pantyhose) or a chunky knit scarf (like this one from Zara), to the ensemble. 

MY PRO SHOPPING TIP: Walk around as much as possible in the department before purchasing over-the-knee boots. Far too many times I’ve invested in fabric-based boots, and I find myself tugging them up while wearing them. While testing them out, you will be able to tell if the fit is snug enough around your calf so that it doesn’t succumb to gravity. I’ve never had this problem with leather boots and my trusty suede pair from Urban Outfitters is sold out– so, below is what I recommend in the leather department. 

Let’s Shop: 

Gray Pom Beanie - Canada Goose (Similar to mine); $195.00

Tan trench coat -  TopShop; $130.00

Black knit sweater - H&M; $9.99

Black Crossbody - Kate Spade (Similar to mine); $178.00

Skater skirt - Zara (Similar to mine); $49.95

Watch – Marc Jacobs: Tory Burch (Similar)

Over-the-knee boots - Nordstrom (Similar to mine); $149.90

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