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The Home Library of Your Dreams

For the bookworms among us, a home library has been the stuff of childhood fantasies—just like Belle when she glides across shelves of written treasures in Beauty and the Beast. Now that we’re all grown up, we’re ready to bring the dream to life with a full room devoted to tomes.

Bookmark these six tips for when you’re ready to design the ultimate reading room of your own.

1. Built-ins galore.

Start with double-thick panels and shelves to give your library that been-there-since-the-house-was-built look. Bookshelves that extend to the ceiling with oversized decorative crown molding, as well as embellished glass doors, give this in-home library design an extra air of sophistication. 

2. Curl up.

This built-in window seat—framed by built-in shelves and enhanced with decorative medallions—is the perfect invitation to curl up with a good book. Make sure to use comfortable cushions so you can easily lose yourself in a page-turner.

3. Reach for the stars.

No home library is truly dreamy without a rolling library ladder! Build one into your floor-to-ceiling shelves to maximize book storage as well as accessibility. 

4. Take a break. 

Consider building a standing desk into your design—it’s better for the back and gives you a break from reading in a seated position for long periods of time.

5. Add some light drama.

You might’ve noticed that the best libraries always get the mood lighting right, so that you feel like you can hide away with a good book and still not strain your eyes. Find a chandelier or fixture that makes a statement while maintaining that historic library vibe.

6. Get to work.

Last but not least, make sure there is a desk and chair incorporated into your home library design. You’ll need a place to study and take notes—or perhaps all this reading will inspire you to write something of your own.

Polly Lestikow is the president of Closet Factory in Denver, Colorado, which has been creating completely personalized and unique storage solutions for clients for 25 years. View their profile or contact Polly at 303-690-6901.

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