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The Dark Side of Window Design

Black as an interior window finish is quickly proving to be a versatile design choice

It’s clear that black is no longer only for evening wear or stuffy affairs. Black in every form, including matte black, is gaining popularity as a finish, from bathroom fixtures to kitchen accents and appliances. 

Trending now more than ever before, black as an interior window finish is quickly proving to be a versatile design accent that’s cementing its position as a staple in residential design palettes. As an exercise in contrast or a spin on a classic look, this darker choice offers the chance to use a color staple to make a bold statement.

So how exactly is this trend playing out in the design world? 

Marvin Windows and Doors, black interior finishes, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine

To get the inside scoop, we asked top designers Mary Douglas Drysdale of Drysdale Design Associates and HGTV fame, and Barbara Bradlee, winner of a 2017 American Society of Interior Designers Annual Award and owner of Bradlee Design, to weigh in on the dark interior finish trend, and how they use this design option to redefine a space.

“The use of black finish in architectural glazing is very dramatic and relatively new in residential,” Drysdale says. “It is a stronger use of the framing element of any view, and the effect is both elegant and effective.”

Whether it’s contemporary farmhouse style, industrial-chic or transitional, dark is a design option these designers think is here to stay.

“I always believe that the style imprint of any space is created by many architectural and decorative elements,” says Drysdale. “In my view, black can be effectively used in a modern space as well as a transitional or even traditional space. It’s simply a tool for refocusing the emphasis created by a door or window.”

“Black interiors replicate the feel of a European metal window as well as a painted Colonial sash in a traditional or historic application, while at the same time providing a modern interpretation,” Bradlee says. “Painting a traditional double hung window black can bring it from the traditional to the transitional—a versatile nod to both styles.”

Marvin Windows and Doors, black interior finishes, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine

With a chameleon-like reputation, black is regarded as not only a tool that can play well with almost any design style, but also a color that can act both as a neutral and as a bold accent.

“Black goes with many colors,” Drysdale says. “I would love to do a room as a study in blacks and neutrals. I would avoid the more vivid and highly decorative citrus colors.”

Bradlee agrees that black can serve as another neutral, just like white and beige. “Black is bold but it is both current and classic. It adds dimension to your space while also enhancing the view—drawing your eye through the window and beyond.”

Marvin Windows and Doors, black interior finishes, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles magazine

A study in contrast, black can pair well with bold colors like the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet or bold pattern and prints in window treatments or wallpaper.

“I can picture the windows and doors in black, trim in white (if applicable) and many possible color options for walls: grey, rust, blue, gold, aqua, Pantone Greenery, taupe, white and so on. They all would work beautifully … I think that this interest in contrast reflects a more daring idea about design and building which reflects an optimism in our industry not experienced to this extent in years,” says Bradlee.

It’s safe to say that less becomes more as dark details frame views in a whole new way. All-black windows add dimension, a sense of depth and a confident statement to any space, no matter the style. 

Pat Bogdovitz is Sales Manager with ClearOvations, a New Mexico- and Colorado-based company specializing in Marvin window replacement and new construction.

Content for this article provided by ClearOvations

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