A Mountain of Gratitude

CH&L Art Director Eleanor Williamson (second from right) and me (second from left) with Margot Elena (middle), photographer Chandler Kim (left) and Stacey Weiss, artistic director at Margot Elena.

As we all rev up for the holidays, there is much to be grateful for. I am lucky to say that my list is long. Beyond the crazy bounty that is my family and friends, I feel incredibly blessed to live in Colorado and work with such an amazing group of people to bring you this magazine.

The other major portion of my gratitude goes out to all of the wonderful, talented and, yes, fabulous people we get to work with and whose work we get to feature in CH&L. You’ll find them in The FABULOUS List 2017. Very high on my I-can’t-believe-I get-to-hang-out-with-these-people list would be Margot Elena and her wildly brilliant team (Hardeep, Stacey, Chandler, Jesse, Kevin, to name a few), whose work appears in Margot Elena: Her Message is Love and Notes from Margot Elena's Decor.

The Cessara boys, photo by David Patterson

Thanks also to the families who open their homes to us all year long—including the Simpsons in Country Club Cozy and the Cassaras in And Then There Were Six, who are a thriving example of what the power of love can do. And to the chivalrous John Atencio, who embodies the artistic spirit with Colorado style and who still sends handwritten thank-you notes.

And finally, I thank the magnitude of folks who enjoy and support the work we do.

Good tidings to all, and Peace on Earth.


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