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Furniture & AccessoriesFurniture & Accessories

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Foodie

Enjoying food can be an art form. So, too, cooking, serving, and giving the fleur de sel its rightful spot at the table.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Traveler

For those who like to carpe diem by busting out of Dodge, we offer these accoutrements.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Nester

Winter is high season for the nester in all of us—a warm blanket, beautiful music, a solid read and a nice warm pot of Earl Grey.

What the Editor is Loving: Gather 'Round

Here’s to enjoying the people you love, surrounded by fun decor and design.

9 Steps to a Beautifully Made Bed

Get a good night’s sleep in style with these comfort and décor essentials, from the ground up.

What We're Loving at Boulder's New West Elm Store

The brand new 11,000-square-foot shop inspired 10 things we wanted to buy in the first 10 minutes.

To the Letter: Texty Home Accents

A few choice words (or initials) that add style and spunk wherever you put them.

Trending: Dining Tables & Chairs

Get ready for the holidays with these designs that allow for comfort, long conversation, and a proper nosh.

Get Your Stuff Together!

Here, a multitude of vessels for organizing everything, from tools to vegetables.

What the Editor is Loving: Art Strips & A Comfy Chair

Wallpaper is going through a fabulous renaissance right now, and this chair may be new but it has all the makings of an icon.

10 Super-Cool Reclaimed & Recycled Home Decor Ideas

Be inspired by the transformation from old and demolished to new and cool.

Trending: Animal Instincts

From quirky to classic, here are a multitude of wild designs that celebrate Mother Nature’s brilliance.
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