8 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Make this space a happy place for your clothes
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1. The “Backwards” Hanger Trick

After deciding what items you are going to keep, place all of your hanging clothes with the hanger facing the wrong direction. Once you have worn an item, place the hanger back in the correct direction. Create a deadline for yourself (like a season, 90 days, 60 days or a month) and see which items are still facing the wrong direction. This is a good indicator for which items are used most often, and not. 

2. Tidying the Shoe Rack  

When organizing your shoes, face one side forward and the other one backwards–that way you can save space on the rack to neatly fit more pairs.

3. Suitcase Storage

If you don’t have enough closet space to keep your seasonal clothes separate, you can use empty suitcases to store those items that you won’t be using that season, leaving your closet more airy and less cluttered.

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4. Give Folding a Try

Fold as many items as possible. Even if you hate folding, the final results of a neatly folded drawer can change your mind. Light fabrics, dresses and suits will be happier on a hanger.

5. Sort by Color 

Organize folded items with the lightest colors in the front and darkest in the back. As for the ones that are being hung, place lighter colors on the right hand side. You also want to hang your clothes so that they rise to the right.

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6. Utilize Subcategories 

Use boxes and dividers to separate your clothes into sub-categories. For example: a box for socks, one for scarves, another for swimsuits and so on.

7. Invest in Identical Hangers

Matching hangers which will reduce the visual clutter in your closet even more. Pro tip: If you own multi-color hangers, think about using the colors as a way to organize the subcategories such as all tank tops on purple hangers, all blouses on blue ones. 

8. Have Some Fun 

Decorate your closet with items you have around the house to spruce up your closet. Hang art or jewelry, or display a special pair of shoes. Be creative, it’s your space!

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