8 Over-the-Top Closet Features You Have to Have

New Year, new wardrobe—these designs will transform your closet into your own private boutique.

As we ring in the New Year, our focus shifts to long-term resolutions like getting organized, accomplishing certain milestones in our finances or fitness, and finally creating the inspiring spaces we’ve been fantasizing about for years.

Our most private rooms of the home are often last on our list of re-design priorities. We figure the living area, dining room, and kitchen should look their very best for visitors and guests—but we overlook spaces like the master closet, even though it’s the room where our finest presentations come to life.

The master closet should be the place where you walk in and feel a sense of possibility, where you assemble the outfits that express your personality or who you hope to become. And if that closet is well designed and impeccably organized, it also means you care about how the space makes you feel—since it’s a room all your own.

This year, dress your closet up for success with these luxury design features, sure to make even the minimalist feel like they’re stepping into their own private boutique.

1. His-and-hers walk-in closets

If you have a spouse and extra square footage, consider designating separate areas for separate wardrobes. Having your own walk-in closet means you have the space to incorporate more of the design features to follow.

2. Large-scale art + an accessory island

Nothing says luxury like a beautiful piece of art—especially in a place where one might least expect it. Choose a work that represents your personal style, and it will inspire your daily outfit choices. A center island for jewelry and other accessories is also an over-the-top feature that combines form with function; the horizontal space is great for getting ready and also acts as a grounding object for the eye.

3. A wall of shoes

If you’ve got an affinity for footwear, display your treasures vertically with a shoe wall. You won’t have to rummage through piles of shoes, and you’ll have the added bonus of feeling like you’re shopping in our own dressing room.

4. Crown molding

Crown molding is a relatively easy instant update to your walk-in and can make it feel less like a closet and more like a secret and stylish retreat.

5. Wedding dress display

Sometimes the items we store are for sentiment, not style. Display your wedding dress or other special-yet-seldom-worn items in glass cases with spotlighting—the perfect homage to treasured memories

6. Dramatic lighting

Add a crystal chandelier or other statement light fixture to instantly feel like wardrobe royalty.

7. A sliding ladder

Make the best use of your space by adding a sliding ladder to your closet design. This feature transforms hard-to-reach shelves into easily accessible storage spaces.

8. A chaise lounge

Last but certainly not least, if you have the room for a chaise lounge, then splurge. Not only is this stylish seat a great spot for trying on shoes or polishing jewelry—it also is a great retreat for kicking up your heels and flipping through a magazine.

Whether you incorporate one or all eight of these luxury closet design features, we hope you enjoy the New Year and your new, inspiring space.

Polly Lestikow is the president of Closet Factory in Denver, Colorado, which has been creating completely personalized and unique storage solutions for clients for 25 years. View their profile or contact Polly at 303-690-6901.

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