6 Tips to Create a Stunning Landscape in a Small Space

Small spaces can have the biggest impact once they have been professionally landscaped. Many homes have small courtyards, patios, balconies or terraces that can be transformed into the perfect intimate outdoor space, and for homeowners who have a small backyard, a little green space can go a long way.

These intimate spaces can be transformed into a special little paradise. Mixing materials, proper plant selection, features such as fountains, fire pits or fireplaces, and appropriate-sized furniture and containers are just the details needed to add interest to any small space.

Here are six tips to create a stunning landscape in a small space:

1. Precisely plot beforehand to take advantage of all usable space.

2. Determine a couple of focal points ahead of time. Perhaps there are plants, trees or features you would like to highlight.

3. Use color to create dimension. When bright colors are placed in the foreground, the muted colors in the background seem to recede, creating the illusion of more space.

4. Create flow, like walkways that lead from one area to another. Using the right proportions, paths and open spaces will create a sense of scope and spaciousness.

5. Embrace how small your space is by making it cozy. A border of tall, lush shrubs with a well-placed cafe table and chairs can create a private, peaceful sanctuary.

6. Creative use of outdoor lighting can enhance your small outdoor space to seem larger. Vertical lighting draws the eye up, and take the focus off of the width of the space.


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