6 Landscape Trends of 2017

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting warmer, which means it’s time to think about your landscape project!

With all the time spent outdoors, whether for a family barbeque, your morning coffee, or an alfresco dinner party, it’s important that you love your outdoor spaces. To get inspired, check out the 6 hottest trends in landscaping that will suit any taste and prepare you for a spring and summer spent in your own little paradise. 


In Colorado, outdoor spaces can be used year-round if properly designed to maximize the enjoyment of our state’s claim of “300 days of sunshine.” Do this by designing more than a backyard—craft an outdoor room that serves as your own sanctuary, an extension of your indoor living space. Incorporate materials that complement your home’s architecture; design them right into your landscape elements, like your patio and fire features.

Think of these three dimensions: ground plane, overhead, and views/backdrop—then soften with colorful plantings, containers, and furnishings. Properly planned outdoor rooms are scaled to suit your property size and entertaining needs. Consider the comforts of your home in the great outdoors—cooking spaces, heating, audio, lighting—and include a desired feature such as a fire, water, or art element.


Italian porcelain tile is making its way to the Colorado scene.  These new ¾” thick tiles can withstand the elements of our climate, and they’re durable and easy to clean. They are available in numerous colors, styles and patterns that will suit any pallet from contemporary to traditional. They’re the perfect choice for patios, walkways, rooftops , and any other high-traffic outdoor spaces.  This new product gives designers a fresh new look on our Colorado landscapes.  


This is a trend that is here to stay and rises in popularity every year. To make your landscape sustainable and environment-friendly, consider incorporating LED lighting, water-efficient irrigation, permeable pavers, and follow xeriscaping principals. Create space for composting, edibles in your gardens, and plant with flora that attracts pollinators to your landscape. Sustainability is not an all or nothing proposition; do what you can! 


A big trend for 2017 is a landscape with a modern look. Think beyond clean lines and sleek furnishings. Trending features include: new hardscape materials (Italian porcelain tile), mixing materials, modern fire features, Mexican beach pebbles, and lighting. Plantings of grasses, shrubs or perennials look their best when planted in a linear fashion and a simplified plant pallet is used. A modern landscape can be a great solution for a small space.


Cutting-edge landscapes incorporate a mixed use of materials, adding intrigue to the space. Carefully select the palette of materials to make sure you don’t overwhelm the eye. Combining wood, steel, sand-finished concrete, or pavers adds texture and character to your landscape.  Less is more when mixing materials.


Think about textures in your landscape, especially when it comes to plantings. Ornamental grasses, beautiful barks, and large-leaf plants are a simple way to add depth to your gardens. Consider size, shape, and color of the textured plantings and how they blend together in all four seasons. Groundcovers with a fine leaf such as sweet woodruff creates a delicate blanket. Silver foliage pairs beautifully with deep wine colored shrubs such as a barberry or ninebark. Have fun with your plant selections!

Here’s to your home’s stunning landscape in 2017!

LeAnn Ostheimer is the Director of Design and Marketing for Lifescape, a Denver-based landscape architecture, construction, and maintenance firm. You can reach one of Lifescape’s trusted professionals at 303-831-8310.

Content for this article provided by Lifescape.

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