5 Ways to Transition a Room From Summer to Fall

The leaves aren't the only things that are changing. Capture that quintessential, cozy autumn feeling with these home design tips on how to play down the bright pops of summer color and set the stage for the more sophisticated fall season. We know you’re going to miss the sunshine, but you’ll love the glow of autumn in your home. 

Learn how to decorate your space for fall with these five tips. 

1. Choose classic furniture in a neutral palette.

In summer months, many decorate with brighter patterns on accent chairs and bohemian-style pieces, but for fall, we recommend you stick with classic furniture. Upholstered sofas and chairs in neutral brown, beige, cream or white fabrics are cozy in summer and fall, and will add an earthier aesthetic that we associate with the harvest season. Industrial, classic or farmhouse-style pieces are a great starting point for your autumn-inspired space.  

2. Mix warm colors.

The best part of fall is falling in love with vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow that remind us of colored leaves, so make sure you include these warm tones. Whether it’s a throw pillow, blanket, rug, vase or candle, accents in autumnal hues are perfect this time of year. You can even reuse some of your summer accents in these colors for fall and they’ll fit right in! 

3. Incorporate cozy texture.

The main difference between summer and fall is the cooler temperature, so close those windows and cuddle up with textured rugs, knit or wool blankets and throw pillows in faux fur and soft materials. Upholstered furniture, flannel bed sheets and curtains will add cozy ambiance to any space, and remind you of the coming season. 

4. Layer accents accordingly.

Keep mixing and matching patterns to a minimum when preparing your autumn-inspired space and choose one print to pair with solids. Autumn is a calmer season than summer, so make sure you keep your room relaxing with polished touches of pattern that are easy on the eyes such as plaid and paisley. 

5. Add gold and other metallic touches.

Nothing says autumn like harvest gold, so make sure you mount on the metallic accents. Gold, bronze, copper and silver are some of our favorite elegant colors as we near the holiday season, and by incorporating lamps, candlesticks, vases and other accessories in shiny finishes, you will remind your guests it’s the season of sparkle. Metallic touches in your space also pair nicely with brighter autumn colors and serve as a sophisticated contrast.

We know summer is over, but the drop in temperature means you get to snuggle up in an autumn-inspired space. Transitioning your home’s design style from summer to fall is as easy as a pumpkin pie recipe on the can.

Marissa Kozma​ is a Copywriter for The Showroom @Furniture Rowa fine furniture retailer and interior design center in Denver, Colorado. View their profile or contact them at (303) 296-9514. 

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