5 Ways to Create a Great Outdoor Entertaining Space

Summer is soon upon us, and that means spending time outdoors! With a little thought and creative planning, our outdoor spaces can be as comfortable and functional as those on the inside. Read on for inspiration to create your own outdoor retreat.


Plants bring color to a space, brighten a dark area and can enlarge a small space. Xeriscaping, using native plants, can reduce water use while creating a Colorado-centric look. Trees can add privacy and shade.


Lighting enables you to safely utilize your outdoor deck or patio after the sun goes down. Focused lights and small up-lights create drama and can draw attention to decorative features and/or plants.


Patio furniture has evolved into a major design element in the outdoor space. Sofas, love seats and other seating arrangements feature weather-resistant construction and materials, allowing you to use an outdoor area as another room in the house.


A fire feature adds design, warmth and functionality to an outdoor area. Who can resist the warmth of a flame? It can extend the season on a patio or deck by several weeks. A firepit is a traditional favorite, while a contemporary fire channel brings a modern design element.


Whether you choose a pergola, roof extensions or a trellis, a hard structure can help define an outdoor “room” and protect people and furniture from the elements. A pergola offers the mixed benefit of dappled sun/shade, while a roof extension is a solid solution. A trellis offers vertical privacy, creating living walls of plants in the great outdoors.


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