5 Tips to Finally Get Organized in 2019

Taking inventory of your things can feel overwhelming. Here’s some advice to make tidying up a breeze.

The beginning of a New Year is a wonderful opportunity to start fresh in your home. While taking inventory of your things can feel overwhelming, these tips are sure to make tidying up a breeze.

1. Address a manageable space.

People often hire professional organizers simply because the task of “finally getting organized” can be daunting when you look at the entire house as the project: cluttered spaces galore may make it feel like there is no end in sight. The trick is to not tackle it all at once. Focus on one relatively small space at a time—like your closet, or a sock drawer if the closet feels like too much—and stick with it until it is completely organized; then move on to the next space. The sense of accomplishment is the goal because it gets the ball rolling to do more!

2. Start with a clean slate.

When you’re ready to tackle the area of your choosing, pull everything out and give the space a good cleaning. Wipe down shelves in your pantry or vacuum your closet floor. Having been in disarray for months or years, it’s likely these ignored spaces need some TLC.

3. Mind the three Cs of organizing.

Categorize, consolidate, and color-code.

If you’re organizing your closet, start grouping items together by purpose: active wear, professional attire, PJs and loungewear, etc. Then you can start consolidating similar subcategories: black slacks and colored slacks, for example, or cold-weather active wear versus warm-weather active wear.  This helps you take full inventory of your items and see where multiples and/or gaps exist.

4. Edit, edit, edit.

It’s important to avoid organizing clutter just for the sake of organizing. If it’s sitting there and it’s never been worn or used, then it’s time to part ways. It might hurt to get rid of something new, but it will feel good to let someone else enjoy it.

5. Fill in the gaps—mindfully.

Now that you know exactly how many of each item exists in any given space, you can shop much more thoughtfully. If you already have five white blouses, for example, but only one that’s colored, perhaps next time you’ll prioritize another colored top when you’re at your favorite store. Just be careful not to load back up on the clutter; the physical size of your closet, pantry, office, or garage is not going to expand. Once you’ve maximized the usage of a space, then it’s time to revisit the concept of letting some things go whenever you acquire something new.

Leah Ansel is a Design Consultant with California Closets, a company that specializes in creating custom storage systems for your bedroom closets, home office, entryway, garage, pantry and more.

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