5 Secrets to a Magical Living Room

This space is where loved ones and new friends gather to connect—make sure it greets them right

What’s the most important space in your home? Perhaps you’re a culinary connoisseur and spend all of your time in the kitchen and dining room. Or maybe the master suite is your special sanctuary, where you go to unplug and unwind.

But when it comes down to what many people consider the most important aspect of their lives—beloved family and friends—the living room is where the most meaningful time is spent. People come together for conversation, laughter, television, a view—or just to sit in comfortable silence while reading and resting.

When new visitors enter your house, you’re often making a valuable first impression on them. Do they feel comfortable and at home? Are they able to unwind and relax?

Whether you’re enjoying time with dear loved ones or new friends, the living room is where everyone gathers to connect, so make sure it greets them right. It doesn’t take much to make magic; some extra thought here and there can add up to a beautiful space that creates lasting memories.


A well-designed living room always has a focal point or hierarchy of focal points. It can be a piece of art, a beautiful rug or a statement piece.


It’s imperative that your living room furniture not only looks good, but also feels good. Make sure things are cozy and comfortable—sofas and chairs that you can sink into, and an area rug that adds warmth to the space.


Swivel chairs broaden the options of enjoying your space to the fullest; you can turn to join the conversation, or to face the fireplace or the view. Quality motion furniture is trending right now, and for good reason. Putting your feet up is a true sign of comfort—this way, your guests are encouraged to kick back and relax, guilt-free.


Using a variety of materials and textures adds a depth of interest to the room. Consider features like metal, patterned fabrics, your favorite artwork, and stone or other natural elements.


Make things personal; it’s your living room, after all. Add meaningful items that you’ve collected over the years— family photos, treasured artwork, and interesting accessories. The end result should be a space that epitomizes you and your personality, while inviting others in.

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