5 Paint Colors to Brighten Your Home for Spring

What better way to get yourself in the spring and summer mood than a fresh coat of paint?
Orange Living Room

Photo courtesy of Essential Living

Now the clocks have gone forward, lighter nights and warmer weather is upon us and what better way to get yourself in the spring and summer mood than a fresh coat of paint?

Many of us like to keep our interiors on-trend, and choosing the right color scheme not only determines how our homes look and feel, but also impacts our mood according to a new study from Essential Living.

In partnership with color expert Momtaz Begum-Hossain, apartment rental brand, Essential Living, has rounded up five beautiful paint colors guaranteed to make your space look and feel ready for the warmer months.

1. Lemon Punch

Lemon Punch

Yellow is visually stimulating and uplifting and its vivid tones are energizing, making you feel awake. Since springtime brings us beautiful plant life like daffodils, why not incorporate their radiant tones into our space?

Color expert, Momtaz believes yellow is the perfect color to promote positivity around your home. “Having warm, welcoming positive colors that uplift your mood is vital to combat negativity.”

Lemon Punch paint is available to purchase here along with other coordinating yellow tones for the perfect summer look.

2. Green Parrot

Green Living Room

Image: @maximalist.interiors

Painting your walls green can help bring the outdoors in. This is one of the major reasons why this color is a common choice for walls. Green is the color of harmony and renewal, and it echoes the hues of the natural world, so it’s a wonderful option to create a calming atmosphere in your living room. 

Momtaz says “Green signifies nature, and restores equilibrium so will soak up any negative tensions. You can enhance the power of green further by introducing plant life into your living room, such as trailing ivy which also purifies the air.”

Coordinating this light green shade with warm shades of cream and terra cotta will create a perfect equilibrium of tranquillity making you feel refreshed every time you walk into your living room space.

There are several shades in the Green Parrot selection to choose from. Green Parrot 3 is recommended here, as it has the right balance of earthy tones and vibrance. Available to order at Dulux.

3. Magic White

White Living Room

Image: Alex Lukey

We all love a white wall, as it’s a great backdrop for any color. The color white makes the room appear larger, whereas dark walls can make a room feel small in size. White also diffuses light better than any color and makes the space much brighter.

Momtaz says, “White is bright and when sunlight streams in through your windows that whiteness intensifies, making you feel energized and happy for the day ahead.”

You can complement the white with turquoise and pink accessories, a summery, ice-cream-inspired trio, these are classic colors that together create an appealing combination.

This Magic White shade is available to order online here

4. Purple Sage

Purple Sage Paint

Image: HGTV

As a cool color, purple has a naturally calming vibe and lends sophistication and class to a room that often sets the scene for your whole living space. Purple communicates confidence and class.

Montaz believes, “Purple is a great summer color, suggesting joy and happiness–all aspects you want this summer. You can also introduce accents of teal, gold, and darker maroons for a palatial look.”

This shade of Purple Sage is particularly recommended, with a hint of light tones to create an uplifting feel to your living room.

5. Tangerine Twist

Screen Shot 2021 03 31 At 75015 Pm

Warm orange and terra cotta tones are attractive colors for interiors as their bold, energetic aesthetic is stimulating and cheerful. Within the orange spectrum, the best shade for a living room would be tangerine, as it is bold, bright and gives you a boost of energy. 

Momtaz suggests a refreshing mix of orange, aqua and white if you are feeling a little down, as these colors combined together are perfect for counteracting laziness and impatience. 

See Tangerine Twist paint ideas here

If you think orange is a little too bold for you, opt for a peach color instead, as its pinky undertones in peach promote relaxation and contentment.

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