5 Outdoor Kitchen Design Essentials

The kitchen is the hub of any good home. It’s the ultimate gathering spot, the place where friends, family, and guests congregate to enjoy a delicious meal, sip on a refreshing drink, or catch up on the day’s adventures.

Now bring that concept to your outdoor space and you’ve just created the pinnacle of luxury—not only are you hosting and feeding loved ones, but you’re doing so while basking in the Rocky Mountain views and relaxing in the comfortable summer evenings Colorado boasts. Throw a backyard barbecue, grill some veggies and brats, roast some s’mores, and then play with the kids or the dog in the grass before lounging on your patio furniture and enjoying the sunset. This is what makes outdoor living—especially in our state—so magical.

So what makes a dynamite outdoor kitchen, one that inspires a family to eat almost every meal al fresco? Take a look at these essentials.


The Colorado sun can get a tad oppressive mid-day, right when you might want to enjoy a lunchtime break on the deck. Pergolas are good for shading the cook just enough while he or she is grilling, or while anyone is sitting around the outdoor dining area.


You can’t have a high-end outdoor kitchen without a stainless steel grill! In addition to its durability and the ease of providing hot meals directly to guests, a grill is the foundation of the idyllic summer barbecue experience—offering mouth-watering aromas, delicious burgers, corn on the cob, and the coveted spot for the chef of the family.


A outdoor kitchen with a stone exterior is the perfect way to make the yard feel like it wasn’t an afterthought, especially if you match it to any stone on the home’s exterior.


You don’t want to have to go back and forth from the main kitchen to the backyard whenever anyone needs a drink or ice for your cooler. Make sure there’s a fridge and/or freezer built into your outdoor kitchen for maximum beverage enjoyment.


What’s a party without music? Having an audio system integrated into your outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to set the mood and make the kitchen/bar area the place for entertainment!

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