5 No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Our roundup of creative ways to add some flair to your pumpkins this year

The time for autumnal porch decor and gourds galore has arrived. October heralds in a new season for decorating and we rounded up some fresh ideas to pretty your pumpkins this year.

We love a classic carved jack-o-lantern, but check out 5 new ways to add some flair to your pumpkins. 

Botanical Pumpkins

Alison Goottee

Terrain has us inspired to find pumpkin decorations in nature. Grab some glue, sealer and finisher product and découpage a gourd with pressed leaves. It's the perfect time to get outside and harvest some foliage from your neighborhood or yard.

Painted Pumpkins


Paint your pumpkin in pretty pastels with floral accents, polka dots or stripes. Add these creations to your table or outside your front door for an unconventional fall decoration. 

Pendleton Pumpkins

Brian Woodcock

Bring the spirit of Pendleton to your pumpkins by using colorful washi tape to create the iconic patterns, or find the tempates here.

Glittered & Gold Pumpkins


Break out your arts-and-crafts kit and bring on the glitter. With some spray adhesive and a whole lot of craft paper to save yourself from a mess, this is a fun kids project or the best way to make your pumpkin last the whole season.


Add some glam without all the glitter mess with a gold pen, geometric shapes and bit of creativity. These golden gourds will add some fun to any fall decor, from centerpieces or your front porch.

Donut Pumpkins


These fun pumpkin designs require some acrylic paint in multiple colors, a paint brush and some sweet inspiration. Paint the pumpkin the color of your favorite donut, add some frosting color and have some fun adding sprinkles to the top. 

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