5 Must-Have Luxury Closet Design Features

Take your closet from drab to dream

When designing a custom closet, there are so many exciting features that you know you want to include, like shelves to display all of your fabulous shoes, or a drawer for storing all of your favorite jewelry, not to mention enough space for all of your clothes to actually fit in the closet. But don’t forget these other important features that will take your closet from drab to dream. 

If the floorplan allows, a custom island provides space for extra storage within the closet, as well as a flat surface that is useful for laying out accessories or planning an outfit.


Perfect for displaying a favorite outfit, or for preparing your OOTD (outfit of the day).


These dividers make it easy to store purses, especially clutches, on shelves.


Keep dirty clothes out of the way in hidden laundry bins incorporated into the closet design. Multiple bins allow you to pre-sort clothes, and saves time on wash day.


While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people don’t have a mirror inside their walk-in closets. Having a mirror door in the closet saves time when you want to try on different outfits, and can also serve as a fun design feature, without taking up any valuable wall space. 

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