5 Luxury Dog Houses for the Modern Pup

Check out these stylish dog houses that will fit right in with your modern home design

Coloradoans are passionate about their furry companions. It's evident everywhere you go—whether you're hiking the mountains, walking through your neighborhood, or grabbing a drink at one of the state's many fido-friendly brewery patios. People love their dogs and want to give them the best life possible. So when it comes to spending time in your outdoor living space, why not let your beloved pooch relax in style and luxury alongside you? 

Check out these stylish dog houses that will fit right in with your modern home design. 

1. PUPHAUS $990

This modern pup-house with built-in food and water bowls was recently brought to life by Pyramd Design Co., an Atlanta-based design studio founded by industrial designer Zach Griggs and graphic designer Roy Fleeman. "Roy and I just have the same taste when it comes to architecture," says Griggs, when asked about their stylistic approach. "We like simple, clean lines. And every other dog house in the market wasn’t even close. We knew the market we were trying to speak to would prefer this kind of look." 

And don't worry, the materials used are certainly weather resistant. "The style is definitely like a summer home; we’re not advocating for leaving your dog out in the snow," says Fleeman. "That’s why we chose the cement panel, which is one of the most weather-resistant materials you can put on your house, and cedar, which is naturally weather-resistant without having to stain it or clear-coat it or anything like that. The oils in the wood help it stand up over time."

The product is still in pre-order. You can see more about PupHaus here.



This gorgeous, Bauhaus-style-inspired abode was created by designer Andre Heinermann with Best Friend's Home, a German company. The walls are crafted from varnished wood and break-proof glass, and is also weather-resistant. While Best Friend's Home no longer produces these houses, you can find them at PoshPuppyBoutique.com.



This dog house was created by Etsy shop designer and dog lover Sara Strong of StrongWoodStudio. The Redwood design was crafted for a dog named Dory who lives in a very hot and dry part of Northern California. "She needed shade but also needed the air to move through her house to stay cool," says Strong, whose background in design goes back over 20 years. "This is why the walls are made of 1×2 redwood slats. She has shelter, but it doesn't get too steamy inside." 

Strong chose this modern style because she is partial to modern architecture. "Ludwig Mies vs der Rohe's Farnsworth House, Philip Johnson's Glass House, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater are a few of my inspirations," she says. "This redwood design is meant to accent the owner's home. Good design shouldn't end at a cool coffee table or when you walk outside your patio. All things can be carefully considered and flow seamlessly—even a dog house."

You can see more about the Redwood Dog House on the StrongWoodStudio Etsy page.


4. FUORA DOG HOUSE (price not specified)

Italian company Fuora specializes in designing and crafting high-quality products for the outdoors. This clean, stylish dog house is created from certified woods that promote the sustainable management of forests. See more here.


5. THE PAD $749

This modular dog house design is simple, clean, and functional. It was crafted by Houston, Texas-based ModularDog, an Etsy shop that designs several custom-made dog beds and houses for the pampered pooch. "Each bed or home is constructed from quality pine and birch wood, fits any size dog up to 80 pounds, and has a weight capacity of 200 to 250 pounds," says the dog-house creator. You can learn more about The Pad on the ModularDog Etsy page.




How about letting your pup camp in style on your Colorado-road-trip pit stops? Okay, so this adorable, retro-inspired pet trailer from Judson Beaumont's Straight Line Designs, Inc. is not actually recommended for outdoor use. The complete fiberglass structure is shaped like a vintage trailer camper, has an aluminum hitch, working wheels for portability, two trays for food, and laminate wood flooring inside. “I’ve always been inspired by 50s and 60s style," says Beaumont. His pet trailers are all handmade in North America and are limited edition pieces of functional artwork. 

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